We (Joey and Karley) moved to the vibrant city of Baltimore in 2017. Both born in small towns, this new city was unlike anything we had ever experienced. Getting immersed with its culture, art scene, people, and mostly, its quirky charm was all so new and exciting.

We were inspired. 

I (Joey) left my day job in 2018 to turn our side hustle into a full-time venture. Eden has since blossomed beyond our wildest dreams and we're so thankful for the opportunities and relationships built along the way.

In 2021 we moved back to Karley's beautiful hometown of Southern Maryland. There's something special about planting a business in the same place your roots first grew and we're excited to bring back a little of what inspired us so much in Baltimore.



Joe has worked in the construction arena for a decade—from field experience to sales to management to now running the whole show. He's extremely knowledgeable in all things home renovation, an expert problem solver and a total people person making this business the perfect blend of everything he loves.


Karley's extensive experience in the marketing world led her to pick up a camera in 2017. Her passion lies in capturing genuine photos that tell a candid story of the families she works with and her knack for all things creative is the perfect complement to Joe's technical know-how. Together, they have built a variety of services focused on enriching your home...your Eden!